Ashes of Amethyst Recruitment

What are we looking for?
Here are the Jobs and Classes we are currently recruiting for. If you don't know what the job is by the icon, hover over it for a tooltip!


Combat Jobs

This is the content we are looking to run with people.
MSQ, Dungeons, Treasure Maps, Blue Mage Academy (learning spells), FATE Farming, Variant Dungeons, PVP, Wonderous Tales, Hunt Trains and S-Ranks, Gold Saucer, Adventuring Forays (Eureka & Bozja), Deep Dungeons (Palace, Heaven, Orthos). We are also looking to potentially do unsynced high-level content for farming (mounts and minion farming, primarily), as well as activities outside of the game, such as Tabletop Simulator, Minecraft, and other games.