Helpful Resources

This page is for links to, and examples of, resources that we, as a Free Company, find useful. There will be links to websites, webpages, guides, and more.


Here we will list active guides we are using for high-level duties, special events, and more

  • Currently, there are no guides available, as we are not doing any of the type of duties listed above

Game Tools

This is a list of things that are useful for Final Fantasy XIV, whether it's for in-game or out-of-game.

  • FFXIV Teamcraft - A fantastic tool for keeping track of what you need to craft or gather for leveling, housing, or equipment
  • Garland Tools - A stellar resource, consisting of Garland Data, a database of all the items in the game, Garland Bell, a gathering node timer with alerts, and FFXIV Fisher, which lists daily fishing windows and more.
  • Faloop - Tracks your S-rank, A-rank, and B-rank hunts, as well as rare FATEs
  • Aether Hunts - "The Largest Hunting Discord on the Aether Data Center" that many of us in this FC use for notifications of hunt trains
  • The Balance - A list of where you can find gear recommendations for jobs, and guides to high-level encounters
  • Eorzea Collection - Need a new Glamour or want to check out how a gearset looks? Eorzea Collection has you covered
  • Gamer Escape FFXIV Wiki - The first of two major wikis for game knowledge. Generally a bit more organized, if slightly harder to navigate and has slower load times for pages
  • FFXIV Consolegames Wiki - The second of two major wikis. Typically a bit better for page load speeds and navigation, but at the cost of being slightly less-detailed at times, as well as lacking some images and previews of items like the Gamer Escape wiki has
  • Heavenswhere - For figuring out the locations of Treasure Maps
  • Eureka Tracker - Maps and trackers for the Eureka Field Operation. Also has a Logogram Solver


Here you will find the tools I used to make this website.